LRWC Run Group and Track Group Pictures + Christmas Announcements!

Third week in a row doing this thing? I’m worried we are actually starting to become something resembling consistent. Terrifying. But anyway, thanks to everybody who came out for our Mizuno Wave Rider demo! Hope those of you who tried the shoes enjoyed them. For the little to none that it’s worth, riding the waves was a pleasant experience for yours truly. That said, don’t think I’ll take up surfing anytime soon, as I have a small problem of not knowing how to swim…but also because I would probably be unfairly good.

In a shocking twist, rising film star and webby-nominated (for best short film villain) Sean Fitzwilliam made a rare public appearance with his agent, Wayne Wagner, on Wednesday at Oak. We’ll expect to see Fitz again in about six months after he finishes his nationwide tour of terrifying children and adults alike, but the rest of you should stay posted for more spectacular videos with the controversial star.

It was business as usual Thursday night at the track, but it will be placed in our recaps ad nauseam for the foreseeable future until we have not only billions but millions (for any Austin Powers fans out there) tracking and Second Line Brewing every week.

Finally, there are a few quick announcements for Monday’s run group. Santa will be raffling off the sweet merch in our jog log to those who come out to run. The glorious goods include Goodr sunglasses, nutrition products, shirts, socks, among other goodies (I believe the website has all of the details). We’ll also be doing s’mores, even though our winter appears to be over. Forgive me if I’m forgetting any really obvious races before this, but NOTC’s Jackson Day Race is coming up in a few weeks on January 7th. Well worth signing up for if you haven’t gotten a chance to run it yet.

That’s it for me! Here are the pictures and see you all this week!